Our logos origin comes from a combination of an ancient asian symbol combined with a modern concept. Its represents a clear direction where –Wisdom, long-life and patience are applied to building for the future.

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Where to Start

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To assist you with your proposed construction, be it extension or a new home, we have put together a preliminary planning list.  If at any time you find it too tricky simply pick up the phone and call.  We will help you.  The journey begins here..

Phone Call/Initial Enquiry
Hello! Please give us a call or send us an email to introduce yourself and discuss your options.

Meet the Client
Once we have made contact and established what's required a meeting may be arranged to see the plans or go over your concepts for new works.

If you do not have any plans or drawings Green Concept Builders have some existing house designs available for you to choose from or we can recommend an architect/ draftsman.  We are also available as a planning consultant for a fee, if required.

If you do have plans a free estimate or fixed price quote maybe possible . . .

To obtain an estimate price only (not a fixed price) for your project the following information is required:

  • House plans with Elevations
  • Site plans
  • Planning Permit information
  • Scope of works
  • Soil test

An estimate is free of charge.

As highlighted before we do not provide a square metre rate as each site comes with its own unique circumstances.

Final Quote
To obtain a fixed price contract quote for your project the following information is required:

  1. Working Drawings
  2. Planning Permit (if required)
  3. Engineering – structural and footings
  4. Soil test
  5. General Specifications
  6. Energy Rating
  7. Storm Water Plan and connection point
  8. Landscape design (if required)
  9. Sewer Plan and connection points
  10. Copy of Title

We can assist you in gathering all the above information.

Upon reading the contract and specification brief there are usually questions to be asked and these will be answered to best of our ability. Finance will have to approved at this stage to proceed. Once the contract is signed and the 5% deposit is paid, then the process is in motion.

Home Owners Warranty is obtained for the project.  Construction works and public liability insurances are in place and we are ready to go.

Building Liaison Officer
The Green Concepts Building Liaison Officer will guide you through the decisions that need to be made during the building process.  For instance, choice of door handles, lights etc.

Time frames are decided upon to coincide with renting arrangements or upon availability and the works begin.  Specific on site instructions for owners are established and communication lines worked out for payments and on-going developments.

Progress Payment
As each stage is completed or more than the majority of two stages are achieved then a progress claim in writing will be presented for payment.  The progress payments continue until completion.

If a change to the plans is wanted or needed then this will be costed and presented to the owners for confirmation to proceed.  The following credit or extra cost will be due on the next progress payment.

When construction is complete, the site is tidied, temporary fences removed and certificate of occupancy obtained.  Then the final inspection by owner and builder takes place.

After final payment is made and all keys and compliance certificates are supplied to the owner then the house is yours.  A gift is presented at this stage as a goodwill gesture for your happy future.

For more information, please call us on 0418 390 727 or complete our General Enquiry Form.

"My wife and I are extremely satisfied that we made the right choices firstly by developing the existing property, but secondly that Green Concept Builders completed our project to a very high standard, both with allocated time and budget. We have no hesitation in recommending Green Concept Builders as a first class trades people who are energetic, professional, personable and trustworthy.
John. Seaford, VIC.


We care about the environment

As a company Green Concept Builders care about the environment and where possible we recycle, re-use and keep our work sites tidy, safe and organised.  We are green builders and prefer to use “Green” products in our building constructions to encourage sustainable healthy concepts in construction materials. However, how far this goes is at the owner’s discretion as ultimately the house we are building is yours.

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