Our logos origin comes from a combination of an ancient asian symbol combined with a modern concept. Its represents a clear direction where –Wisdom, long-life and patience are applied to building for the future.

Green Concept Builders, Master Builder creating new paths.

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What do we need to start ?


  1. An idea of what you want, how big, how high, preliminary plans or even full working drawings can get you started.

  2. A basic budget figure to work with and hopefully a pre-approval for finance. If no finance approval then contacts can be set up at the right rates.

  3. Pick up the phone or send an email and just ask for Shane.

What Does It Cost ?


  1. Buildings and extensions vary in size and finishes. So the prices also will vary. We do not give house square rates as all sites come with their own unique circumstances.

  2. We can give an estimate only till working drawings and final finished are decided upon.

  3. For green elements in design the first call is free. For subsequent calls, meetings and advice a small consultancy fee is applicable which will be refundable on Green Concept Builders being accepted as the builder.

For more information, please call us on 0418 390 727 or complete our General Enquiry Form.

We could like to thank Green Concept Builders for an extraordinary effort. We have and will continue to enjoy all aspects of a newly renovated home. The end result has certainly exceeded our expectations


What is Green Building?

Green building is constructing houses where the use of  natural sustainable resources are encouraged and unsustainable resources are minimized. It is about creating a healthy home to live in utilizing smarter use of water, energy, heat and natural products. This is good for our pockets and the environment.

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